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Q&A with Isabella
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Q&A with Isabella: How to improve turnout?

Isabella McGuire Mayes • 05 Jun 2024

Q&A with Isabella: How to improve turnout?

Welcome to another session of Q&A with Isabella!

In today’s video, Isabella answers various questions from her Instagram followers, sharing insights on Vaganova, improving turnout, staying in shape during holidays, dealing with performance anxiety, and more:

  • Isabella emphasizes the importance of stretching, strengthening, and working on turnout to improve ballet skills.
  • She shares personal experiences of studying at Vaganova Ballet Academy, highlighting the supportive community and challenges faced.
  • Isabella advises on finding good training, dealing with rejection, and staying connected with family while in a dormitory.
  • She recommends using Skype or Zoom to connect with family, reflecting on rejection positively, and utilizing summer holidays for rest and focused conditioning.
  • Isabella discusses understanding teachers in a foreign language, auditioning for Vaganova, and managing performance anxiety through mindset work.
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