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Q&A with Isabella
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Q&A with Isabella: Do you have to be extroverted to be a dancer?

Isabella McGuire Mayes • 19 Jun 2024

Q&A with Isabella: Do you have to be extroverted to be a dancer?

Welcome to another session of Q&A with Isabella!

In today’s video, Isabella shares insights on ballet training, emphasizing the importance of practice, time management, and self-care to improve technique and cope with a busy schedule.

Other topics include:

  • Practice and conditioning sessions are essential for improvement.
  • Strategic planning and deliberate practice are key to quick progress.
  • Being confident, not necessarily extroverted, is crucial for dancers.
  • Utilizing online courses and workouts can be a secret weapon for improvement.
  • Maintaining communication with loved ones through Skype can provide comfort when away from home.
  • Turnout, foot flexibility, and other technical aspects can be improved through targeted courses and exercises.
  • Regular self-assessment and adjustments to routines can lead to noticeable progress.
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