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Her Journey

Isabella was the first British girl to join the Vaganova Ballet Academy and graduate top of her class being named one of three ballerinas in the entire school.

Located in Saint Petersburg Russia, Isabella went to the school leaving an offer of the royal ballet upper school behind. Moving country and not speaking the language, it was a test of mental and physical strength!

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At 15, she took a chance and went to Russia. Where legends are made!

It was a difficult and scary decision to say the least but Isabella was incredibly brave and thought this wasn’t an opportunity to pass up. Isabella initially thought she would stay a year, but ended up studying at The Vaganova Academy for four years.

She was obsessed with Russian Ballet whilst training in England and knew it was a dream of hers to go and train at the school of Nureyev and Baryshnikov.

Isabella practiced day and night. After 2 years of honing her skill she became one of the best dancers in the whole school, standing on the centre barre at Vaganova (a renowned spot) and dancing leading roles with the school at The Mariinsky Theatre.

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Precision and Consistency
Throughout this time Isabella spent hours practicing at night in the studios, mastering her craft.

She discovered how to perform each step to an extremely high level. Delivering precision and consistency lead her to climb the ladder of the school and be offered a demi soloist position upon graduation at The Mikhailovsky Ballet. Isabella stayed there for a while before transferring to Eifman Ballet as a soloist. Here she discovered even further more extreme ways to move her body.

After Graduating and working in Russia for a few years, Isabella returned to London and decided to put her energy into helping others.

She discovered her passion for teaching and sharing her elite training skills with many dancers from all over the world.

Whilst still dancing in various galas and freelance creative projects, 4 years ago, Isabella started teaching. She discovered that she had a gift for teaching students of all ages, making them feel positive, have belief in themselves as well as get the results they desire. This awakened her passion for sharing her knowledge.

Isabella started private coaching pre pro students, beginner adults and professional dancers as well as guest teaching for schools and running masterclasses.

Passion for Teaching

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She gets Results

Isabella started hosting workshops and intensives, bringing stars of ballet to London to share their knowledge and further enrich the dancers. Soon BWI was born!

Isabella is hugely excited to continue to spread her knowledge further to dancers worldwide. Helping them be the best they can be. Along with the BWI platform and the successful podcast “A dancer’s mindset” Isabella is enriching, and motivating students worldwide of all levels to reach their goals. Isabella gets results!

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