Isabella McGuire Mayes

Singapore Intensive 2024

26th May 2024 – 2nd June 2024

5-6 hours a day

This workshop is sold out


About this Workshop.

Join Isabella for this intensive for vocational students and adult dancers. This year we have seperated all groups, Junior vocational, senior vocational and adult dancers. This ensures you will get the most out of the experience.

Isabella has been to Singapore twice before. The  third time means business! With five days for our vocational students it will be the longest we have done to date.

Working with adults is one of Isabellas favourite things. Adults deserve to be seen, respected and given the detailed raining they desire. Isabella is here for you.

Isabella is known for her detailed training with a very encouraging atmosphere. Students will come away having learned a huge amount feeling more motivated than ever!

Isabella can’t wait to work with you all again!



Tentative schedule.

To see all levels click ‘book now‘ to be redirected to booking page.

Day 1

Level 2 – Ballet

13:30 – 15:30


Level 2 – Pointe/Fcous on

15:45 – 16:30


Level 2 – Repertoire

16:45- 17;30


Level 2: Sretching/Conditioning



Who is this for?
  • Level 1: Level 1 is for young dancers who have a good understanding of basic ballet steps and can easily fool a simple ballet class
  • Level 2: Is for vocational students who have good knowledge of most ballet steps, grand allegro and petit allegro should be relatively advanced. Pointe work with experience with turns and single leg relevé.
  • Adult Dancers: Intermediate adults who can follow an entire class, with knowledge of most steps such as grand allegro. Don’t worry about execution, That’s what Isabella is there to help with. Experience with pointe is welcome but not strictly required.


Who is this not for?
  • For all levels this intensive is not advised for beginners or absolute beginners. It is requires to be able to follow a class in its entirety be it simple in level 1 or more complicated for level 2.
Meet your Teacher.


Isabella McGuire Mayes:


Isabella is the youngest and first british graduate to join the vaganova ballet academy at 15 years old. Working to become top of the school. Isabella was a soloist with Mikhailovsky and Eifman ballet before returning to London and discovering her passion for teaching. Isabella founded BWI as a way for dancers globally of all levels to get the detailed vaganova training as well as conditioning they desire to take their ballet to new levels.

What you’ll Learn.
  • How to improve your technique in a detailed way
  • Steps broken down so they make sense
  • Understanding how to use upper body with style and artistry
  • Improve technical steps with deep dives. Isabella will share her masterful tips!
  • BWI stretches and exercises to enhance your training
  • mentorship and psycology to improve confidence and performance.
  • Repertoire from the classical ballets. How to make them come to life.
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