Live Session

Power Sculpt


Hosted by Emily Hughes

Zoom link provided

19:00 - 19:45 • 29 Jul 2024 UK Time (+ 3 other times)

Class outline

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If the student is late, the teacher reserves the right to not let the student in once the class has started.

Class description.

A stronger, dynamic, energizing form of movement that sculpts and tones every muscle in the body. A very fluid practice where poses are linked with the breath, combining yoga, pilates and ballet technique. Although this class will challenge you in the best way possible, there will be modifications throughout so no matter your level, you can move at the pace that feels best to you.

Who is this for?
  • Anyone who wants to strengthen their body
  • If you’re looking to increase your mobility
  • For those wanting to keep the whole body healthy
  • If you enjoy a challenge!
Who is this not for?
  • Anyone with injury, consult your doctor or physio
Meet your teacher.

Emily Hughes
Professional Ballet Dancer

After working as a professional ballet dancer, Emily is no known for her challenging and form focussed classes, Emily’s routines transform the body and elevate the mind and utilize slow and controlled movements combined with elements of yoga, pilates and ballet technique to increase your strength while still keeping the exercises low-impact. Emily designs her classes to isolate and work each muscle group, so her clients feel strong and see serious results. “My classes are challenging but in the best possible way. While I teach different classes for varying skill levels, I always want you to feel incredible and take it at your own pace and MOST importantly fall in love with moving your body.

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