Live Session

Mat Madness


Hosted by Olivia Rutherford

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17:00 - 18:00 • 13 Mar 2024 UK Time (+ 3 other times)

Course outline

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    If the student is late, the teacher reserves the right to not let the student in once the class has started.

    Class description

    Prepare to work the whole body with one of BWI’s signature workouts. This workout will train and tone the whole body specific for ballet with targeted exercises for the core, legs, back and arms. If you’re looking for a workout to cover it all, this is it!

    Who is this for?Anyone looking to tone the whole body

    • The student looking to condition and get stronger
    • The student looking to become more connected in their core and back
    • The student looking for stronger hamstring and glute connection

    Who is this not for?

    • If you have a weak core and lower back –  though it’s possible to modify

    Meet your teacher:

    Olivia Rutherford:

    Olivia trained in South Africa under Martin Schonberg. It wasn’t until she moved to Biarritz to dance with ;M Biarritz that she found her love for yoga. She received her qualification through HotPod Yoga.

    Ballet, yoga and fitness means a lot to Olivia.

    Olivia has worked hard to control her body and such is passionate about spreading this to others.