Live Session

Calming Yoga


Hosted by Olivia Rutherford

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14:00 - 15:00 • 04 Oct 2023 UK Time (+ 3 other times)

Course outline

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    If the student is late, the teacher reserves the right to not let the student in once the class has started.

    Class description.

    This yoga class will work on calming the mind and open the energy channels of the body. In this class you can expect yoga poses and stretches that will directly impact your dancing. By balancing the chakras of the body we allow yourself to reduce the feelings of being unwell, negative emotions as well as create alignment in the body.

    Who is this for?
    • Dancers who want to want to find deeper yoga stretches
    • Someone looking to detox their bodies, calm their minds and ground themselves
    • Someone looking to learn to appreciate the body and the beautiful movements it can make
    Who is this not for?
    • Someone looking to burn calories and get a sweat on
    • An impatient person
    Meet your teacher.

    Olivia Rutherford

    Olivia trained in South Africa under Martin Schonberg. It wasn’t until she moved to Biarritz to dance with B&M Biarritz that she found her love for yoga.

    She received her qualification through HotPod Yoga.

    Yoga means a lot to Olivia. She used yoga to find balance in her life. Not only does it strengthen the body, clear the mind but it had a direct impact on her dancing.