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Barre Fitness


Hosted by Marta

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19:00 - 19:45 • 12 Mar 2024 UK Time (+ 3 other times)

Course outline

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    If the student is late, the teacher reserves the right to not let the student in once the class has started.

    Class description.

    Prepare to sweat! When Isabella first moved back to London she had some of the toughest classes around. Designed to work the whole body and make it burn. This class will work mostly on the barre with challenging leg work and cardio! You will feel fitter than ever with regular practice.

    Who is this for?
    • For the student looking to build stamina
    • For the student looking to increase strength and tone
    • For the student or non dancer. This class is for all!
    Who is this not for?
    • Not for anyone with injury
    Meet your teacher.


    Marta trained in Sicily under Davide Montagna.

    She has a degree in contemporary dance and performative arts, during which Marta studied yoga and pilates.

    Marta started teaching barre classes in London in 2020. Her classes are widely popular and despite the sweat and the burn the crowd were addicted, coming back for more and more!

    Marta loves  barre for dancers because it allows dancers with limited time to get stronger, work on their stamina and flexibility in less than one hour. Having said that it is suitable for those with very limited ballet training. It is great for beginners!