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Vaganova Walk Through: Grade 8 Barre Exam

Isabella McGuire Mayes • 22 Nov 2023

Vaganova Walk Through: Grade 8 Barre Exam

In this video Isabella shares her insights into the grade 8 ballet exam at Vaganova, what happened that day and how it feels to do such an exam!

These exams are renowned for being tough and part of her whole philosophy is sharing what it is really like.

It’s a mix of excitement and nerves as she takes her first steps into the center. As the evaluation progresses, Isabella vividly describes each exercise, sharing her inner thoughts and determination to give her best performance.

She doesn’t shy away from highlighting both the rewarding moments and the difficult challenges that the exam presents. The amount of hard work and preparation that Isabella puts into these exams is evident, and it’s a testament to her dedication as a dancer.

Join her as she takes you through this extraordinary experience, filled with passion and commitment.