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Interview with Tiler Peck

Isabella McGuire Mayes • 10 Apr 2024

Interview with Tiler Peck

Welcome to “A Dancer’s Mindset” with Isabella! In this episode, we dive into the inspiring journey of Tiler Peck. The Amazing NYCB Principal dancer.

The world renowned, incredibly dynamic, musical and versatile dancer of today.

People have said about her “I don’t even have to hear the music to be able to know what it sounds like when I watch you dance.”

Tiler Peck started dancing at her mother’s studio at the age of two and was introduced to various dance styles. She worked with former Bolshoi principal dancer Alla Khaniashvili and former New York City Ballet dancers Patricia Neary and Yvonne Munsey.

Peck’s journey led her to the School of American Ballet (SAB) and eventually to New York City Ballet. She had to navigate the transition from jazz to ballet and overcome feelings of comparison and insecurity.

Peck’s musicality is a defining characteristic of her dancing, and she describes it as being an extension of the music. She believes in breaking the rules and being fearless on stage. In this conversation, Tiler Peck discusses the importance of musicality in ballet and how it can be taught. Can it be taught to the degree Tiler is gifted?

She emphasizes the need for dancers to listen to the music and become comfortable with it, allowing it to guide their movements.

Tiler also shares her experience as a perfectionist and how it has both helped and hindered her progress. She highlights the importance of finding a balance between striving for perfection and letting go to fully express oneself.

Tiler also talks about the significance of downtime and having experiences outside of ballet, which can enhance a dancer’s artistry and bring more depth to their performances.

Let’s meet Tiler!

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