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Building Strong Foundations: Beginner Barre Focused on Turnout 

Isabella McGuire Mayes • 21 Jun 2024

Building Strong Foundations: Beginner Barre Focused on Turnout 

For aspiring ballet dancers, a strong foundation is crucial. It’s the bedrock upon which more complex moves are built. Ballet With Isabella (BWI), founded by the esteemed ballerina Isabella McGuire Mayes, recognises this and offers a unique online barre class you can do at home: Beginner Barre Focused on Turnout.

Isabella, a graduate of the prestigious Royal Ballet School and a former soloist with the Mikhailovsky Ballet, understands the challenges faced by beginners. One common hurdle? Turnout – the ability to rotate your legs outward from the hips with ease and without risk of injury to this powerful and complex joint.

Why Turnout Matters

Turnout isn’t just about aesthetics; it plays a significant role in proper ballet technique. Adequate turnout:

  • Improves stability and balance: A wider base of support enhances control and prevents injuries.
  • Aligns the body for optimal movement: Proper turnout ensures proper alignment of the spine, hips, knees, and ankles, reducing stress and maximising efficiency.
  • Facilitates more advanced steps: Many ballet moves require good turnout, making it a stepping stone for future growth.

Beyond the Basics: The Untapped Connection

Many beginner programs focus solely on achieving turnout, neglecting the underlying mechanics. Isabella emphasises the often-overlooked connection between:

  • Hip mobility: Flexible hips allow for a deeper range of turnout without forcing the knees.
  • Inner thigh engagement: Strong inner thighs rotate the legs outward and stabilise the hips.
  • Deep rotator connection: These internal muscles further support turnout and overall hip stability.

By neglecting this connection, dancers might force turnout, leading to improper alignment and potential injuries. BWI’s program addresses this by incorporating exercises that target these specific areas, ensuring safe and sustainable development.

The BWI Advantage: Slow and Controlled for Lasting Results

BWI’s Beginner Barre Focused on Turnout is an online barre class that prioritises slow, controlled movements with expert cues from Isabella herself. This approach allows you to:

  • Develop a deeper body awareness: You’ll learn to feel the engagement of specific muscle groups, fostering control and proper technique.
  • Build strength and flexibility: Each exercise targets key areas, gradually improving your turnout range.
  • Minimise the risk of injury: By focusing on proper alignment and mechanics, you’ll reduce the chance of overexertion or strain.
  • Gain confidence in your foundations: A solid foundation builds confidence, allowing you to tackle more advanced steps with ease.

Beyond Beginner Barre: A World of Resources

BWI doesn’t stop at this ballet barre online workout. The studio offers a variety of online ballet conditioning classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced dancers, as well as one-on-one classes and ballet workshops. All programs are designed to complement your foundational training, helping you further develop strength, flexibility, and other essential skills for ballet.

Who Should Enroll and Get Barre Fit?

This home ballet barre workout is perfect for:

  • Absolute beginners: With its focus on clear instruction and proper form, it’s an ideal starting point for anyone new to ballet and wanting to get fit through barre.
  • Returning dancers: If you’re returning to ballet after a break, this program can help you safely re-establish your foundation and fitness, as well as improve your turnout.
  • Dancers seeking stronger turnout: Even experienced dancers can benefit from refining their turnout technique and establishing a deeper connection with the key muscle groups involved.

BWI’s Beginner Barre Focused on Turnout is a unique online training program designed to equip you with a strong foundation for your ballet journey. Under the expert guidance of Isabella McGuire Mayes, you’ll learn proper turnout mechanics, build essential strength and flexibility, and gain the confidence to tackle more advanced steps. With this online ballet barre workout and BWI’s extensive online resources, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your ballet goals, so sign up for your 14 day free trial. You are also very welcome to join us through our affordable soloist membership plan!

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