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Sunday Repertoire Class


Hosted by Isabella

The Place Dance Company, Flaxman Terrace, London WC1H 9AT, UK

13:00 - 14:00 • 24 Mar 2024 UK Time

Course outline

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    Class description:

    Isabella is super excited to present a new monthly repertoire class.

    Most freelance dancers generally don’t have enough opportunity to learn repertoire, be coached on variations and really dance!

    This monthly class is a chance to learn a variation challenging our learning and physical ability while practicing our artistry.

    Ballet is so magical, and with this class we can really dive deep into the detail that goes into a variation and build new skills .

    Who is this for?

    • For the int adult dancer
    • For the pre pro student
    • For the pro company or freelance dancer
    • For the dancer looking for a challenge of technique
    • For the student looking to challenge their artistry and develop it.
    • Looking to build stamina and strength

    Who is this not for?

    • Not for the beginner dancer
    • Not for an injured dancer

    Meet your teacher:

    Isabella McGuire Mayes:

    Founder: Isabella was the first British girl to join the Vaganova Academy in Saint Petersburg at 15 years old and graduate 4 years later. The school of Nureyev and Baryshnikov. Isabella became a soloist of The Mikhailovsky Ballet and Eifman Ballet.

    Later she returned to London to pursue her passion for coaching others. Isabella coaches young students to Adults who want to improve their ballet to another level.

    Her classes are high energy, challenging, hard working, motivating and inspiring.


    The Place Dance Company, Flaxman Terrace, London WC1H 9AT, UK

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